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Diversified Concrete Crafter's, Inc.
P. O. Box 26400
Prescott Valley, AZ. 86312

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Diversified Concrete Crafter's, Inc
The Company:
Established in 1991, Diversified Concrete Crafter's, Inc., has grown from servicing the Prescott, Arizona area, to meeting the needs and demands of contractors, tradesman, interior designers and home-owners in the Tri-City area and surrounding Northern Arizona cities.
We are positioned to continue our services in a slow economy by diversifying and adding Decorative Concrete.
Our Values:
We are committed to contractors and home-owners in helping both achieve success in the construction of the most prized asset...our homes. 
No matter the size of the project, your successful outcome is our guarantee.
We use products that are on the 'leading edge' in the continued progression of concrete. Our products are industry-proven for residential and commercial application.
Benefits of Choosing Diversified Concrete:
We are on the leading edge of industry proven techniques, coupled with continual training to enhance our knowledge of all our signature services.
We choose to spend specific time with our contractors, tradesman, interior designers and home-owners to instill the confidence, that we understand the particular scope of the work to be completed. 
We will match that understanding with the skill and craftsmanship needed to achieve the intended goal.
We are a licensed and bonded company that has maintained our integrity locally, for 22+ years.