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Diversified Concrete Crafters, Inc.
Seamless Flooring Overlay: A very sought after flooring option by home owners, business owners, contractors and the floor of choice in upscale commercial buildings. Seamless Flooring is a textured overlay without joints. There are an array of colors and textures to enhance every custom design.
Polished Concrete: A durable, economical and low maintenance flooring. This rivaling floor option can be stained or dyed. It is a great alternative to granite, marble, tile and carpet. It offers several sheen options. It is ideal for new or existing concrete. 
Stamped Overlay: A stamped overlay can increase elegance and value by producing the 'authentic look' of stone, slate, brick and tile. It offers countless patterns and textures with an array of colors to enhance every custom design and coordinates with any surrounding theme. It offers more strength and durability than concrete alone.
Concrete Sealing: The American Concrete Institute, Portland Cement Assoc. and National Concrete Assoc., all have concurred on the confirmation thru extensive research, that almost all damage to concrete is linked to moisture intrusion and freeze/thaw conditions along with corrosion of reinforcements that are used. In the past decades we could only offer topical sealers that would last 1-5 years; However, the technological break-throughs in chemistry has allowed us to offer a hybrid permanent sealer. Protection of exposed concrete is necessary and can mitigate the corrosive intrusion that so often occurs in all concrete structures whether commercial or residential. 
Early preventive measures should be taken to protect your investment.
Diversified Concrete offers this sealer.CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS AND GFRC(Glass fiber reinforced concrete):Uniquely customizable, hand-crafted, durable countertops. We offer limitless colors, embedments i.e., light, glass, rock or personal mementos and personal designs. Concrete countertops have a high-end natural look. They are scratch, heat & stain resistant. Can be customized to fit any needed surface in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or garage.